You have to start somewhere.

in the beggining red pencil

As with many Artists, it started for me as a child, the innate need to create.

Perhaps,  your recent box of new colored pencils and a coloring book was your first step, all nice and sharpened. Their newness was as inviting as a fresh jar of peanut butter.

In this digital age, the touch of paper and feel of a real pencil drawing a textured line across the page has even more thrill. You know it too. Sitting there getting lost in the colors as time passes and stress melts away. Because I have seen the thrill of that creative moment in so many of my students, I wanted to share what they have learned with you.

Here is a quick and easy tip:  When coloring, draw in tight circles for the best, smoothest coverage. More on rich creamy peanut butter-like coverage to come. Let me know how it goes.

Welcome, You Found it!

You found the place to have even more fun coloring. This site is just for you as we grow full of tips and tricks and resource info with a place to connect with fellow colorists. Come along on the journey as we start this adventure of coloring our world with joy. Today is day one of The Coloring Company’s Blog Launch.