One, Two, Three, Stress-free

In our fast paced world, a slowing down with the rhythmic motion of coloring can be calming as well as fun. It is such an effective tool it is used as part of Art Therapy helping those express themselves in painful, difficult or stressful times. Below is Health Coach, Jill May who has used this in her practice. She is even sharing with us her own coloring of The Coloring Company’sThrive” download.

So while it may not relieve all stress, there is joy in the coloring.

Jill May is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and the owner of Decide 2 Thrive, LLC.  Her practice helps parents whose school age children struggle with emotional and mental health issues.  Using a variety of tools and techniques, Jill strives to help kids reach their full potential and truly thrive in life.

When you subscribe (yes it is free!) to The Coloring Company you will receive the “Thrive” coloring page to download and color as my gift to you. Just click on the blue pencil, “click here” subscribe button and join the fun today.

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A Beautiful Entry

Our friend Patti, entered the “Color This Dish Food Network Magazine’s coloring contest and kindly allowed me to share her entry with you.

Entries are closed now, so it is safe to post for you to see. If any of The Coloring Company’s colorists win the contest please let us know! We would love to pass along the kudos.

Color This Dish entry
Color This Dish entry

How Many Colored Pencils Are Too Many?

Such a question! I could say, “when they don’t fit in my colored pencil cabinet anymore.” Don’t laugh, I am sure I am not alone in this pencil passion.

pencil cabinet

The real question is why “more” may be better than “less”.

Yes, I love organization, as you can see. Also, the minimalist movement thrills me. So maybe when I pair down all my belongings, all I will have left is my colored pencil collection. They are stored neatly by color, because when you need a specific color you don’t want to dig thru hundreds looking for it. The wonderful thing about this cabinet, is the doors slide right out to place on my drawing table, like small rainbow segments.

slightly open

One reason for so many, is I have different brands of pencils to achieve softer and richer tones which those allow. Some are better for sharp detail and others for creamy blending.  (A post for another time.)

Secondly, I have shared with you the richness of layering colors. This process is very labor intensive. My youngest and oldest students complain of their hands getting tired after coloring for awhile. I smile at my wee ones as they need to build up some strong hand muscles. But I sympathize more so with much older artists, who may have arthritis, and the desire to color is only restrained by an aching hand.

Going right for the desired shade of purple for instance is much easier than than layering to achieve the color. But there is yet another reason.

greenspurples pinks

Some colors, like a soft peach or cream tone is much more difficult to achieve by blending. Coloring isn’t meant to be frustrating. Make it easier and get the bright blues, aquas, purples, pinks and ruby reds. Get a variety of soft creams and flesh tones. Find your favorite shade of pink. These are the colors that are hardest to create from a box of 12 colors.

single drawer

Delight in the kaleidoscope of colors available, just don’t forget to use the others to enrich them.

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Update 1-14-2017: Here is the fun mug Jill mentioned in her comment. These are just the ones she keeps handy in her kitchen for “when the mood hits”. Ready for inspiration!

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Life is like a box of colored pencils.

Anything is possible.

Forrest Gump would say, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get.” Life is also a bit like a box of colored pencils, there is no undo or delete button. You can’t cover it up like with any paint medium. Just like life, coloring takes some planning to get what you want, or you get what you get. The planning process can be as much fun as the coloring.

Start by thinking in layers of colors, testing on a scrap of paper first until you know your colors and brand of pencils well. Brands will very in results. More on that another time.

 Fun Experiment: Pick two colors – any two. Make a swatch with one first, then layer the other color on top. Now do it again in reverse order. Go ahead, give it a try. I’ll wait . . .

What did you get? Two different results, right? Sometimes the difference is subtle and other times it much stronger.

Color Layer ExperimentWhy does it do that? The first color stains the paper. The first has dibs on how it is going to turn out. You will have to pile on a lot of color layers to “undo” that first color, if you can. It is like that life lesson of knowing where you want to end up and working towards that goal each step along the way. It makes the process so much easier and fun than trying to fix the results you don’t want.

Pro Tip: Build color with layers of colors for more depth and richer art. Instead of just grabbing the purple pencil experiment by adding some blues and pinks.

Most of all HAVE FUN.  Your box of colored pencils is calorie free joy.

. . . signing off in search of chocolate.

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