Becoming Beauty

Sharing with you a little creativity
with my words and photography, instead of colored pencil.

Becoming Beauty

It hit me, while standing in the pouring rain
with a giant golf umbrella
that shouted my presence to the darkened sky.
I am not referring to the lightening
or the winds fighting my umbrella from my clenched hands.

It hit me, every shattered dream, broken promise and injustice.

The politics, the sickness, rudeness, and selfishness
like a cold unmoving concrete taking over,
slowly tunneling to a dead end.

I ached for a quiet simple beauty that whispered joy, love, hope.

For everyone who played by the rules
but the liars and cheaters got the reward.
For anyone who thought they made it,
just to find themselves back at the beginning.
For everyone who planted seeds, nourished them,
prayed and they never grew.
For everyone whose step of faith turned to stone. . .

The disrespected are taking back what the concrete stole.
The concrete is giving way to what can be.
The cracks are opening up.
The light is shining in.
The concrete is becoming beauty
and the beauty is seeking me (you).

© Laura D’Argo 6-21-2017 – All rights reserved.