One, Two, Three, Stress-free

In our fast paced world, a slowing down with the rhythmic motion of coloring can be calming as well as fun. It is such an effective tool it is used as part of Art Therapy helping those express themselves in painful, difficult or stressful times. Below is Health Coach, Jill May who has used this in her practice. She is even sharing with us her own coloring of The Coloring Company’sThrive” download.

So while it may not relieve all stress, there is joy in the coloring.

Jill May is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and the owner of Decide 2 Thrive, LLC.  Her practice helps parents whose school age children struggle with emotional and mental health issues.  Using a variety of tools and techniques, Jill strives to help kids reach their full potential and truly thrive in life.

When you subscribe (yes it is free!) to The Coloring Company you will receive the “Thrive” coloring page to download and color as my gift to you. Just click on the blue pencil, “click here” subscribe button and join the fun today.

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3 thoughts on “One, Two, Three, Stress-free”

  1. Who doesn’t love to color? I’ve seen the therapeutic benefits of art, in general, and coloring, specifically, both in my personal life and in my professional practice. Laura’s pages are not only beautiful, they are inspiring and healing, as well.

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