LauraD72smallHi, I’m Laura D’Argo, professional illustrator since 1982.

As a full time Illustrator and Graphic Designer, my world gradually expanded to Fine Artist, Art Teacher of artists from age 5 to 95, writer, cook, gardener and owner of Lost & Found Terrariums. The later is my hobby of making small worlds from preserved moss and nature.

It is gloriously challenging and fun – wanting to beautify everything in my life.


You never know where the path may lead. Mine took me on the journey of becoming the creator and inventor of several licensed giftware lines and a painted Easter egg in the White House Easter Egg Collection. Helping others put color and light to their dream has always been at the heart of my art.

This led to my launching The Coloring Company parties about the same time I started a children’s art class. It was this constant look of joy when budding artists learned a skill or concept that inspired me to do this blog. I enjoy sharing these moments so you feel the same “Aha” moment and get lost in a world of creation.

Here we are today, discovering and delighting in the joy of creating and the creating of joy. This blog is for you. Share your thoughts and experiences about everything coloring. Together we will make this world more beautiful, one color at a time.

See some of my illustration and fine art by visiting my website www.lauradargo.com